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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tank and Truck Trial Game

Tank and Truck trial is different from your normal car game, well its a tank for a start.. Master the controls and you will be able to get your army buddies safely to the other side.

Instructions :

Get your tank and truck to the other side of the map as quickly as possible. Control keys in game.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Gear Championship Car Racing Game

Free Gear is a very good free car racing game where you can choose from quick race or tournament mode.
Tournament mode lets you choose from 5 different tournaments that you can unlock up to the expert driver GT world championship.

Instructions :

Use the arrow keys to control your free gear car, Z gear up, X gear down, C nitro.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fix My Classic Car

A classic car is in pieces and needs rebuilding, drag the car parts from the bottom of the screen and drop them into the correct space to build a part of your classic car. Fix the car in before the timer runs out to move on to the next stage where you can change the color and parts of your car.
Instructions :
Use the mouse to drag the parts from the bottom of the screen to the correct spot within the time limit.

Racing Mania

Complete 8 laps against your opponent to qualify for the next track, keep a watch on your turbo boost bar and use it as often as possible but you can only use it once its fully refilled.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your car, shift for a turbo boost.

Spongebob Bus Rush

Spongebob bus rush game where you have to get to Atlantis before you run out of songs that fuel the bus. The game features mini games which are triggered when the bus hits certain obstacles. Avoid red notes as they drain your fuel and pick up the green notes for extra fuel.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control spongebobs bus.

Classic Car Parking

The old classic cars need parking and are not as smooth and easy to drive as cars today. If you damage one of these priceless antique cars the bill is going to be huge!

Instructions :
Arrow keys to park your classic car, Space for handbrake. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drag Race Demon Deluxe

Free drag racing game with a lot of features. Game includes a shop where you can buy upgrades to your drag racer like a chute or even flaming tires :) You can also pick what opponent to challenge and some are obviously harder than others but you get to see their rating before the race so its good. Drag race demon deluxe also features achievements and keeps stats on your races.
Instructions :
Use the mouse to control the speed of your drag car and to purchase upgrades in the shop.

Stoneage Runner

Take your Flinstone cartoon style car across the caveman map over obstacles to reach the end of the level where a dinosaur has your cavegirl trapped up a tree. Jump out of your car bash the dinosaur over the head and save your girl.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your stoneage runner.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pencil Racer 3

The popular pencil racer series is back with its third installment, now with tilty-bike controls, bombs, boosts and collectibles.
Instructions :
Use the mouse to control your pencil racer.

Cars Online Coloring

Car painting game where you can paint your favorite characters from the movie.
Instructions :
Use the mouse to select paints and paint the cars.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getaway Game

Your job in this game is to be the best getaway driver around, your crew have done a robbery and are looking to you to drive them to safety. Avoid the other vehicles and the police cars to make a clean getaway.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your getaway car.

Monster Hummer

Monster truck driving game where you can pick your favorite style of hummer and then drive safely to the other side of the mountain track while picking up the boxes for extra points.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your monster hummer. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crusher Tank

Its definitely is a crusher tank! Game where you have to drive your tank across the map without overturning. Trees in the way? no problem just drive through them, lots of water slowing you down? crusher tank can handle water too.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your crusher tank.

International Speed Busters

In this game you play policeman Dave who has the job of catching all the speeding cars. The best way to catch these speeding drivers is to drive faster than them and crash them off the road!
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your police car, crash into speeding drivers to catch them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Supreme Drifting

Get your drifting tires on and show what you can do. Race other cars around 3 different tracks but in this game its not all about winning, style matters too! Drift you car along the yellow drift marks on the course to rack up the points.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your drift car.

Super Parking World

Park your car as fast as you can without hitting anything in this fun parking game.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to park your car, Space when you have finished parking your car.

Friday, January 21, 2011

4 Wheel Madness 3

The third installment of 4 wheel madness and its time to go monster truck driving again. You do take damage hitting thing with your vehicle and if you roll you can get your monster truck upright without dying if you are quick enough.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to control your 4 wheel monster truck.

Pimp My Ferrari 599 GFB

Easy and relaxing tuning game where you get to make your own additions to a Ferrari 599 GFB. You can change a lot of things including color, lights, decals, bumpers, wheels ect. Then you get to see the finished car in different locations and weather conditions.
Instructions :
Use the mouse to make your selections and click next to see the car on the road.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Tracks Rally

So you may think you are a good driver, But are you a good driver on all tracks? Test your abilities on different terrains from desert to forest and city tracks. Defeat your rally opponent to win.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to race your rally car.

Park Master 3

Car parking game that is pretty hard but one light touch on your car doesn't mean game over. Keep a check on the time limit though as that timer goes down rapidly when you're not watching it.
Instructions :
Arrow keys to park your car, park within the time limit.